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 TTE is offered to all Centex area high school students, and is designed to tap into teens ability to succeed through our exclusive teen executive development incubator.

Teens must apply and be accepted to participate.

 Cost: ($25 Monthly) - Accepting Applications - Deadline (March 31, 2023)

If you want to work for or run a coporate company or start your own, the Teen to Executive incubator is the place for you!

TTE is an amazing incubator that allows teens to experience corporate industry and business entrepreneurship,  It’s really cool. Teens come up with Big Idea's, this incubator will help them discover what they are great at doing, and what they love to do, and that brings big success opportunity.


Teens will hold executive positions, conduct meetings with investors, make creative decisions, and actually build a REAL, company!  To date 7,700 students have launched more than 5,100 real businesses and non-profits, cool inventions, and fun ideas nationwide. TTE teens will become a part of that economic history—this is the real deal! And it’s not only about business—TTE teens are starting their own organizations that are doing everything from teaching skills, making products, to reducing youth homelessness—really world-changing stuff.

 I.C.C. Teen to Executive incubator is giving area high school students opportunity to experience the corporate business executive world and entrepreneur industry. TTE will introduce them to opportunities utilizing their creative abilities, that will lead them to achieve success in any industry. Here they'll actually learn executive trade skills, and the best benefit is excelling them in society for careers or business professions of their choice.

TTE will allows 6 candidates every year 3 Males & 3 Females to the incubator. 

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